We can offer 3 possible routes for you to ‘self-publish’.

1. DO IT YOURSELF eBook/Print on demand PaperbackWe may be able to offer you some basic advice – via email/phone e.g:

  • How to put your own stuff on to amazon
  • Getting an ISBN no.
  • Cover design (it is advisable to have one). If you want it available in paperback you will need front and back cover + spine
  • Legal Depositories, advice (you will be expected to supply 5 copies).
  • Promoting your own book. (Press Releases, social networks etc)



2. BASIC eBook We can upload it for youSend your script – providing it is in

  • 12 pt Times Roman double spaced and everything is aligned e.g. all spaces
    etc. as pdf or Word document (Poor product is very easy to
    achieve with a conversion. It would be up to you to check it.)
  • You have had your writing copy-edited
  • You have acquired an ISBN number
  • You have a retail price

We can

  • Convert your script to eBook format
  • Provide an initial Upload – You can then re-check it using a Kindle App.

        ·      Upload it to Amazon Kindle site at an rrp. agreed by you 







3. PenSup.co.uk Publishing   If we think your work would be suitable for publishing under PenSup i.e. it is quality writing and of a suitable genre.You could, A) PAY FOR THE SERVICES YOU REQUIRE (See below) PenSup would then forward all sales revenue to you. OR 

B) WE PROVIDE MOST SERVICES FREE * (See below for Services Available) We will provide most services free of charge in return for a commission of 33% of the gross profit. PenSup would then forward the remaining sales revenue to you.

*Youtube,Soundcloud, Book Launch etc, if required, would be negotiable. 


  • Supplying ISBN Number
£25.00 Gratis
  • Hosting on PenSup Site
Gratis Gratis
  • Provide PenSup Logo
Gratis Gratis
  • eBook Cover Design – you may prefer to do this yourself or get someone else to do this for you but if it is going under PenSup banner we would reserve certain rights / negotiate with you etc.
£50-1000 Gratis
  • eBook Cover Design – Template Conversion 
£25 Gratis
  • Provide Press-Release and use usual channels for promoting your work
Gratis Gratis
  • Youtube / Soundcloud 3-10 min reading. You may prefer to do this yourself. (If it is going under PenSup banner we would reserve certain rights / negotiate with you regarding quality, content etc.)
£250+ £250+
  • Copy Editing – See aditional Information below
£6.00 per 1000 words mss Gratis
  • Reader’s Report
£4.00 per 1000 words mss Gratis
  • Kindle / eBook conversion. (‘Typesetting’: any re-alignment of text and quality check once converted to eBook format. Convert your script to eBook format. Provide an initial upload. Collaboratively re-check it using Kindle App
£250.00 Gratis
  • Once we are all happy with it we will then upload it to PenSup website and amazon.co.uk, amazon.com, amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.es and amazon.it
£50+ Gratis
  • Smashwords conversion & Upload – Allowing for distribution to: Apple (iPad/iPhone etc.), Barnes & Noble (Major US Distributor), Diesel Book Store, Kobo, Sony Reader Store, Baker & Taylor, Aldiko, Flipkart (Indian eBook website) & Oyster (a pay montly eBook access service)
£100+ Gratis
  • Paperback Cover Design – you may prefer to do this yourself, or get someone else to do it for you, but if it is going under PenSup banner we would reserve certain rights/negotiate with you etc. Your book will then be available via amazon.co.uk, amazon.com, amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.es and amazon.it
    Your paperback will be available as ‘Print on Demand’
    Please note SERVICES NOT AVAILABLE. ‘Distribution’, below)
£50-1000 £50-1000
  • Conversion to Paperback format
£50 or £250 if not already in Kindle Format Gratis
  • Paperback Proof Copy
£10.00 (Cost can vary dependant on size of book) Gratis
  • Legal Deposit Service
£75.00 £75.00


Distribution. We do not currently have the facility to distribute physical books.Structural Editing If we feel your book requires structural editing we can suggest people to go to. If your work requires substantive work it is probably not what we are looking for. This does not mean your work lacks potential in any other sphere.Publicity.Other than basic promotion via press release, website, social networks etc.


We will check the raw text. Ensuring it is correct, in terms of spelling and grammar punctuation, style and usage and is easy to read so that readers can understand your ideas. Checking for any possible legal problems or embarrassing errors of fact.Supply ‘notes’ to discuss with the author e.g.Structure and Content – Is anything missing or redundant? Is the order logical? Do headings and chapters break up text and make it more readable: are there enough of them? Chapter navigation for Kindle/eBook format. Are footnotes required? Could ‘supporting material’ go into an appendix? Does the piece require acknowledgements? Should there be a bibliography, a glossary or an index?Text Suitability – Has the language been pitched at the right level for the intended audience? Do any terms or abbreviations need explanation?

Length – Is the work too long/short? What, approximate, number of words are required per page in the finished book. How many pages will this make the finished book?  Are there Illustrations? Where will these appear? Overall look of the title page, table of contents, etc.

Sentence and paragraph length – This is dependent on the readership, the type of copy and how the copy is going to be read. ‘Typesetting’, especially for eReaders e.g. Kindle, will inevitablychange line length. Default settings and consideration of page appearance for paperback is however important.

Consistency – A list of decisions about alternative spellings and hyphenation has to be kept. Illustrations and tables should agree with the text and captions, as should chapter headings and running heads with the table of contents.

Illustrations and tables – This would not be advisable for eBook in most circumstance. Illustrations should support the text and have appropriate captions. Text referring to tables should comment on the data, not simply repeat it. The location of each illustration and table should be roughly indicated in the manuscript (to guide the typesetter when laying out the pages). The copy-editor will also need to ensure that all artwork is suitable for printing or (if appropriate) for reproduction on the web.

Style –use of metaphor, simile, or other device. Word usage e.g is it possible to cut a word out, appropriateness of the passive/active voice. Use of foreign phrases, a scientific words or a jargon. The overuse of exclamation marks and emphasis, in italic, bold or capitals. Lengthy sentences with little punctuation. Length of paragraphs. Unnecessary changes between the first and the third person.

Accuracy – All spellings of names of people and things should be checked. The extent to which facts, dates, quotations, etc. are to be checked will be agreed with the author.

Legal issues – Any identifiable instances of the breaches of copyright, libel, obscenity, or incitement to racial hatred should be flagged up during copy-editing, even though responsibility for them remains with the author.

Technical matters – discussing with the author various issues regarding design, typesetting, conversions etc.

Copy Editing does not include Rewriting and restructuring text in depth – often known as developmental or substantive editing, ghost writing, research (beyond basic fact-checking) seeking permission to use copyright material.




In ALL cases the Copyright and responsibility for all our books rests with the author of the said text.


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